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About Us

Corporate Golf Clubs is a marketing company dedicated to assisting business professionals in enjoying golf at a significantly reduced cost. This equates to a saving of up to 80% on standard green fees.

We do this by partnering with Golf Clubs UK wide to provide you with the opportunity to become a Corporate Golf Clubs Sponsor, enabling you to acquire advertising space to promote your business on their tee signs, app or website. As a thank you for sponsoring your chosen Golf Club we provide golf vouchers FREE OF CHARGE.

There are numerous uses for your golf vouchers in addition to enjoying low-cost golf yourself. Here’s some ideas:

We currently have over 700 members and work with over 45 Golf Clubs – check out our Google Reviews to see how thrilled both our Corporate Golf Clubs Sponsors and our Golf Clubs are with the packages and the service we provide:

Corporate Golf Clubs’ mission is to become the number one business golf networking community here in the UK and our key principle is to commit to creating more business opportunities for all our customers.  

As a family-run, forward-thinking innovative marketing business (meet the team here), we are always improving the suite of services we provide. For example, we recently introduced Nomadic Golfing, giving Sponsors the opportunity to play at courses in addition to the one they sponsor, meaning you are not tied to just one golfing venue

We also have a fantastic unique Membership Benefit Scheme, GolfSave, whereby Corporate Golf Club Sponsors can obtain discounts online and in-store on everyday shopping, travel, restaurants, days out etc. across major brands and retailers throughout the UK. For example, an average family of 4 can save over £1000 per year by using the discounts effectively, which will more than pay for your annual sponsorship!

Additionally, we are soon to launch our online networking portal, allowing Sponsors the opportunity to connect and network with each other, organise to play rounds of golf together and offer member to member exclusive offers.

Surely one of the best places to do business is on the golf course, in the fresh air, getting exercise whilst networking and discussing business with like-minded people?

Come and join us on our journey and become a member of Corporate Golf Clubs by giving us a call on 0800 206 2260 or contacting us via email and find the most convenient golf course for you that we work with.