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Why Advertise On A Tee Sign

We all know golf is a competitive sport, golfers want to take their best shot possible and the Tee sign is key in aiding a players decision on how to approach the hole. This vital information contains the map of the hole, the yardage and stroke index.


The golfer on average will spend 4 seconds analysing the tee information before deciding which club, line and trajectory to use. While he plans his shot, the playing partners are waiting, observing the sign and making their own calculations.

What better place can your business or brand be presented than under this vital information with an 89% predicted read rate to a target audience of people who tend to be more affluent and have spare cash to spend including many who are in business decision making positions.

The golf course is an obvious place to draw attention in a physical space where your audience is already engaged. A sign display on a golf course can get on average 30 thousand impressions per year, that’s your business being seen on average of 247 times a day!

Did you know that golfers spend around 4 mins per tee box!

When you put your business out there in the open, players are forced to recognize your presence, and will likely remember your name.

Marketing your business in such a compelling outdoor setting can help you build massive interest in your brand, and at the very least, awareness.

Golf is a waiting game. You’re either waiting for the people at the next hole to wrap it up, or you’re waiting for your turn to putt. On course, marketing gives them something to look at – and hopefully purchase.

Precise targeting attracts more interest, enquiries or clicks = sales


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