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Corporate Golf Vouchers

A benefit of becoming a Corporate Golf Club Member is that you will receive FREE OF CHARGE golfing vouchers in your company name which can be used to help raise the profile of your business.

Choose your selected golf club and receive complimentary golfing vouchers to use with clients, colleagues, employees, friends and family for free!

Benefits of your Corporate Golf Vouchers

    ⛳ Drive your business forward with complimentary Golfing Vouchers providing on average 6 times your investment in golf.

    ⛳ Most golf clubs will offer 24 four balls valid all year round or additionally 48 two balls with seasonal restrictions. Please see your selected club for individual terms and conditions.

    ⛳ All golf is free of charge when purchasing advertising on the golf course making your golfing offer fully tax deductible.

    ⛳ All vouchers have no name restrictions and are valid for one year, seven days a week.

    How to Use Your Golf Vouchers

    Corporate Golf Days – use some of your vouchers for group golf days to treat your clients to an entertaining and memorable event. An innovative low cost way to retain business and grow relationships. *see individual terms and conditions for each golf club

    Personal Golf – Play golf regularly? Use your vouchers to enjoy a relaxing game of golf yourself, why not bring some friends or family, after all, you’ve earnt it! Reduce stress and aid your work-life balance!

    Gift Vouchers – Too busy to play? Gift vouchers to your most lucrative clients to show how much you value their custom.

    Here’s how they can help you:

    ⛳ Retain Business: As your customers are important to you, customer retention and loyalty is key to your businesses success. Why not hand them a golf voucher to say thank you for their business?

    ⛳ Increase recommendation work: If your business relies mainly on new business then why not hand your vouchers out to people who influence your workflow? Give vouchers out to your clientele to get them talking about your business and help increase your recommendation work.

    ⛳ Employee Benefits – Incentivise employees and reward the exceptional ones. They are expensive and time consuming to replace so do what you can to retain them.

    ⛳ Play at Partner Courses – Fancy a change? They say it is as good as a rest! Play a round at another of our Golf Clubs for an exclusive and heavily discounted rate. Find out more.

    ⛳ Raise Money for Charity – Why not arrange a charity golf day? You could even raffle off remaining vouchers to generate more funds for your chosen cause. Don’t play golf? Then just hand the vouchers to your chosen charity and let them fundraise.

    ⛳ Client Hospitality – the golf course is a proven venue for business – it’s like a 4 hours sales meeting with a captive audience!

    Why do Business on the Golf Course?

    ⛳ 93% said, “Playing golf with a business associate say it is a good way to establish a closer relationship”.

    ⛳ 80% agreed, “Playing golf is a good way to make new business contacts”.

    ⛳ 48% of Executives see the Golf Course as an ideal business environment!

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