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Meet The Team

Family run for over 11 years, with support from trusted friends – meet the team behind Corporate Golf Clubs:

Welcome to Corporate Golf Club’s Meet the Team web page! Here, we are thrilled to present the driving force behind our success – the talented and dedicated individuals who make up our extraordinary team. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, contributing to our company’s success!

Our team is committed to delivering unparalleled golfing experiences and helping you to build lasting connections with fellow golfers.

Get to know below the faces behind Corporate Golf Clubs, as we aim to create memorable moments and elevate your golfing adventures to new heights.

Founder and Managing Director, Heidi Bohrn, radiates vibrancy, creativity, and has boundless energy. Her caring and fun nature foster a welcoming environment for all, while her unwavering passion for providing outstanding golfing experiences for business golfers shines through every endeavour.

With Heidi at the helm, Corporate Golf Club thrives, setting new standards of excellence in the business golfing arena.

Operations and Marketing Manager, Alison Kelly, has known Heidi since their school days*. With over 30 years experience in Sales and Marketing – the last 14 of which have been in digital and social media marketing – she confesses an addiction to Facebook and her new selfie stick!

Now in her 9th year with Corporate Golf Clubs she has enjoyed improving the customer journey and lead generation processes.

(* that’s a VERY long time!)

Sales Consultant, Lesley Stanley, has been friends with Heidi for many years and has worked for Corporate Golf Clubs for over 9 years.

Lesley has a background in advertising sales, and enjoys explaining to prospective Sponsors how much value the Corporate Golf Membership provides.

Outside of conversing with business golfers, she enjoys a day at the races or a tasty meal out with Heidi.

Sales Consultant, Tania Bohrn, has known Heidi even longer than Alison – as she’s her big sister!

With a background in advertising sales, Tania is well versed in highlighting the benefits of awesome packages like those Corporate Golf Clubs provide.

When she’s not chatting to business golfers on the phone, you can find her behind her decks, spinning some tunes!

Sales Consultant, Gary Wootton – or Gazza as he is known to 99% of the people he talks to! – has known Heidi for over 25 years as they worked together in sales for 10 years!

Gazza is highly experienced in customer relations, having been part of sales, marketing and customer care teams for over 40 years.

He’s kept busy by his two grown up children and four grandchildren and has a love of music and football. He’s an avid Brentfood FC season ticket holder – but don’t hold that against him!!

Sales Consultant, Steve Clarke, may be new to Corporate Golf Clubs, but he’s no newbie to sales and he’s worked in the golf industry for 9 years!

As you can see from his photo, he loves his dogs – he actually breeds cockapoos – cooking and a good holiday.

His claim to fame is that he once met Kate Moss and he refuses to tell us his age – saying you are as young as you feel!

Continuing the ‘keeping it in the family’ theme, Heidi’s Mum, Claire Bohrn is in charge of all things money related.

With a long history of working in the bookkeeping industry, she’s our Numbers Queen.

However, she is also known as the Dancing Queen!

Ifrah Omar heads up our Customer Service, having joined us July 2022. Ifrah’s role is pivotal in ensuring seamless operations within our sales and marketing team and also for our golf clubs and sponsors.

With her remarkable skills and unwavering dedication, she effortlessly provides the support needed to maintain our exceptional standards. She finds joy in her work and her commitment to excellence is truly inspiring.

In her spare time, Ifrah indulges in puzzles and reading, nurturing her problem-solving abilities and expanding her knowledge. If you ever need a helping hand or a friendly face, Ifrah is here to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Jayne Redgrave is a highly talented and experienced Creative Graphic Designer, with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

Skilled in Print Management, Graphics, Logo Design, Advertising, and Pre-press. She is a loving social Mum to two amazing daughters and enjoys taking part in charity events.