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National Coverage

Corporate Golf Clubs is a golf media company with over 10  years’ experience in advertising, specialising in golf media and B2B marketing.  Our growing portfolio covers over 45 golf courses throughout the UK, each offering high quality advertising and branding solutions on or off course for both local and national businesses.


If you are a national business looking to target the affluent golfing marketplace then we are able to work alongside you by adopting a solution based approach that best tailors your companies needs.

Golf course marketing has long been an effective strategy for branding and publicising companies, as well as attracting new business. Studies have shown that golfers are habitual, playing their golf courses regularly on a weekly basis and they also spend time socialising in the clubhouse. Corporate Golf Clubs can work alongside you to enable you to project your company by advertising on the golf course as subliminally your advert is captured time and time again.

We are also currently working on some state of the art digital solutions that we are planning to bring to market in the near future that we believe can also be of value to your business.

National Average of members/rounds

  • The average golf club is home to 499 members (sports survey report 2014 )
  • 93% of golf courses accept green from non members fees allowing you to reach a new audience on a daily basis 
  • Average Yearly rounds is 27,500 per course (round can consist of 1 to 4 people, Av 3)
  • 6.4% of the GB adult population

Corporate Golf Clubs Ad Penetration

  • Average ad penetration per sign is 226 views per day 
  • The corporate golf club’s daily portfolio ad view reach is 11,526 visitors  
  • The corporate golf club yearly portfolio ad view reach is 4,206,990 visitors 
  • The Corporate Golf Clubs Monthly portfolio ad view reach is 350,582 visitors


  • 77% of Golf Club members are Male
  • Full adult memberships cost just under £850 per year on average

Choose Your Audience

Golf course clientele largely consists of high-income families, many owning their own businesses. Green fees can be steep, and golf is still a leisure sport associated with affluence. You can connect with a large volume of 30 – 55 year olds that are more likely to have disposable income to use your services.  

If you would like to to learn more about how Corporate Golf Clubs can work alongside your company or receive a quote from our sales team please contact us and we would be only too happy to advise you further.