Flyovers - Corporate Golf Clubs



Golf is a competitive sport and every golfer wants to take the best shot possible. To do so, research is key, and flyovers are becoming very popular as part of the pre-planning, before the golfer even visits their selected golf course, or before he plans his golf shot on the day.

We offer our flyovers as part of the package, integrating each flyover to be visible within the golf club’s app.

Advantages for Your Business of Advertising on a Flyover:

Captive audience: Golfers frequently rely on flyovers before teeing off on a particular hole to plan their shots and understand the course layout. By advertising on a hole flyover, you can capture the attention of a captive audience actively engaged in the game, maximising the visibility and impact of your message.

Increased brand exposure: Hole flyovers generally receive significant viewership, not only from golfers playing the course but also from tournament spectators and online audiences. Your advert on a golf club hole flyover can receive substantial exposure and help raise awareness of your brand among a wide range of golf enthusiasts and potential customers.

Unique and memorable advertising medium: Hole flyovers provide a visually appealing and distinctive platform for advertising. It stands out as a unique medium compared to traditional advertising methods. The combination of aerial imagery, course layout, and your brand message can create a memorable and impactful advertisement that resonates with viewers.

Brand association with the golf course: By advertising on a golf club hole flyover, your brand is visually linked to the golf course itself. This association can create a positive impression among golfers, enhancing your brand’s credibility and aligning it with the prestigious and leisurely image of golf. It can establish a sense of trust and reliability in the minds of potential customers.

Competitive advantage: Advertising on a golf club hole flyover can give your business a competitive edge. Not all businesses take advantage of this advertising medium, so by being visible and prominent in this unique space, you can stand out from competitors and increase brand recognition.

Why Advertise on a Golf Club Flyover

Each golfer will engage with the flyover before and during the round, where your business advert will be showcased for 5 seconds before the flyover starts.

Your business advert will be showcased for 5 seconds on their app, before the flyover video starts.

It can also appear on the golf club’s website and on the TV in the clubhouse.

Clubhouse and Pro Shop Advertising Flyovers

It is renowned that after 4 hours out on the golf course the first place the golfers visit is the club house, either to have a relaxing drink or a bite to eat. It is here that your business advert will be showcased every 20 minutes, for an average of one minute at a time.

On average, each business will be represented for 25-30 minutes a day (depending on opening hours).

We additionally provide each Pro Shop with a monitor to display the flyovers. Then as golfers enter the venue they can see the flyovers being showcased and members of staff will recommend any new visitors to download their branded golf club app. This grants access to all flyovers, free GPS, their interactive scorecard and their loyalist scheme, along with many exclusive features.


Every one of our partner venues displays our flyovers on their website.

Golfers take their game very seriously. So whether they want to check out a golf course before they book a round, or want to plan their shots to ensure they score well, our flyovers will be located in a very prominent location on the golf club’s website.

In many cases these will be showcased on the home page, meaning players can view each hole before arriving. This subliminally enforces your businesses name in the mind of a player, adding to the other occasions your company name will be seen during a trip to the course.